Frequently asked questions

Useful advices to your easy flora

What are the dimensions of Easy Flora Self-Watering Pot?

Set weight 1297 grams
Interior weight 434 grams
Outer weight 863 grams
Dimensions interior piece 185x135x95mm
Dimensions outer part 195x150x105mm

When add water?

The water tank lasts for about 7 days, depending on the plants but you can definitely fill up the tank sooner if necessary.

Can I plant seeds in Easy Flora Self-Watering Pot?

The Easy Flora Self-Watering Pot was developed to maintain herbs that already exist – you should transplant them from the vase/garden into the pot. However, you are totally free to try your luck and see if you plant seeds if they germinate.

Frequently asked questions

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Whom should I contact in the case of a manufacturing defect?

All damaged packages must be reported to us within 5 business day of receipt. Please do not discard any product(s) or packaging until all shipping issues have been resolved. If you discover a manufacturing defect in your new Easy Flora Self-Watering Pot contact us by e-mail providing a description of the defect/non-conformity and attaching a photo. We would be please to give you a new one.

What are the shipping costs?

Once your order has been processed you will receive a tracking number and details via email. The average transit times are as follows:

  • Portugal Continental. 5 euros (free shipping over 40 euros)
  • Madeira. 19 euros (free shipping over 70 euros)
  • Açores. 29 euros (free shipping over 70 euros)
  • Espanha. 12 euros (free shipping over 70 euros)
  • Alemanha, Áustria, Bélgica, Dinamarca, França, Holanda, Luzemburgo, Irlanda, Itália, Mónaco, Polónia, Suécia. 18.30 euros (free shipping over 70 euros)
  • Andorra, Bulgária, Croácia, Eslováquia, Estónia, Finlândia, Grécia, Hungria, Letónia, Lituânia, Noruega, Rep Checa, Roménia, Suiça, Turquia. 22 euros (free shipping over 70 euros)
  • Other European countries. 35 euros (free shipping over 70 euros)
  • EUA, Canada. 34.80 euros (free shipping over 70 euros)

Delivery is made from Monday to Friday during working hours. If you are not at home we recommend that you gave us an alternative address. If you choose to refuse your order package, you will be responsible for any duties, taxes and/or customs charges that are incurred and the cost of returning the package to our portuguese address. This amount will be deducted from your refund. If the costs are bigger than the cost of order your order will be abandoned.

We are based in Portugal (Europe), so please note that the customer is responsible for the payment of any extra duties, customs, import charges or taxes imposed by the destination country. No charges or customs will be applied to orders delivered to countries within the European Union.Please double check all personal and postage details when completing your order as Easy Flora does not take responsibility for missing packages (phone number, correct email, door number, …).

How long will it take to receive my Easy Flora?

Your order is dispatched 2-6 working days after receipt of your order.

Can I change/cancel my order?

Once an order has been shipped, it is no longer possible to change it. If you regret your purchase until 24 hours after the online order, send us an email and we will cancel it and refund you.

What if the item i received is damaged or faulty?

Please send us an email. We will happily replace a damaged item or re-ship you a new item if you have received something incorrectly.

My item is lost in the mail, what should i do?

You are responsible for your order if you enter the wrong shipping address. Please email us immediately if you had entered incorrect information, we will update your order if it has not been shipped yet.