With Easy Flora self-watering pot, plants and herbs get the water they need, when they need it, for seven days.

A 100% ceramic pot composed of only two pieces: the pot itself and the container under it, which serves as a water reservoir. In addition to its functionality and sustainability, the Easy Flora self-watering pot is beautifully designed, with a robust look and feel thanks to its ceramic make-up.

let’s grow fresh
things together

Made in Portugal

how it works

  • How it Works - step 1 put water in
    the pot
  • How it Works - step 2 close
    the pot
  • How it Works - step 3 plant
    the herb
  • How it Works - step 4 keep the plant
    in a sunny area
  • How it Works - step 5 7 days later
  • How it Works - step 6 re-water
    the pot

Easy Flora Self-Watering Pot

  • 100% ceramic
  • Self-waters for 7 days
  • Sustainable
  • Made in Portugal
  • Free shipping to Portugal over 40€

what's behind


Living healthy means taking care of ourselves and our planet in ways we’ve never thought before. Whether we’re talking about food, lifestyle or making our homes fresher and greener, every step towards an eco-friendlier routine is bound to make us happier, too.

That is why the Easy Flora self-watering pot came to life.

With sustainability in mind and a wide concern for our environment, we have conceived and created a stunning, plastic-free pot to fulfil all your urban gardening needs.

our key pillars

Sustainability hits the mark

Raising the bar on decoration

Bringing something to the table

Far from being just a detail, plants have become the stars of our homes. The kitchen is just one of the rooms where you can proudly display your elegant new pot with its luscious, dish-enriching herbs.

From the clay used to make the pot to its promise of water-saving, waste-preventing and plastic-free features, Easy Flora protects our environment while helping urban gardeners keep their herbs.

Inspiration for new flavors can come from anywhere, yet there’s one easy way for your palate to travel around the world: fresh, exotic, aromatic herbs. Handpicked by you, appreciated by everyone.